500 Clubs Buy As One!

Inck Collective Buy harnesses the collective
buying power of Anytime Fitness clubs, giving you
awesome merchandise options, cost savings and great ROI on your promotional merchandise spend.



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Quality Club Gear merchandise that your members will love
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How it Works

National Deals

Step 1

Check out our products on our National Deals Page.

Step 2

Select the items you want to buy during their 30-day live stage

Step 3

The more clubs to order during the 30-day live stage the better the price once we exceed the minimum order quantity. (Tell your friends!)

Step 4

At the end of the 30-day live stage, if we meet or exceed the minimum order quantity from Anytime Fitness clubs, we collect your payments and place an order.

Step 5

Too easy! Your high-quality promotional merchandise is shipped directly to your door -expect a 8 – 12-week turnaround.

Local Deals

Step 1

Check out our local merchandise products on our Local Deals page that are made right here in Australia.

Step 2

Select the head office approved items you want to buy.

Step 3

Our team will contact you to personalise your items.

Step 4

You approve the artwork then sit back and relax while our team processes your order.

Step 5

Too easy! Your high-quality merch is shipped directly to your door-expect a 2 – 3-week turnaround.

Why You'll Love AF Club Gear



With AF Club Gear, you can choose your own deals and even design your own merchandise.


Select what you want and expect delivery within as little as two to three weeks on our Local Deals.


Our dedicated account manager has Anytime Fitness experience and will answer all your questions.


As branded merchandise specialists, we can guarantee great quality products.


Choose the products and deals that suit your gym and your members.

Design as a team

Create your own group, send us your ideas, buy with other AF clubs and save.

Choose Your Deal

We offer two levels of turbo-charged deals

National Deals

500 gyms buy as one.
Get custom, head office approved Anytime Fitness products and enjoy maximum savings.

Offshore supplier

Potential Unit cost – $5+

Minimum order quantity must be met for the order to go ahead.

Average total lead time 8 – 12 weeks

Local Deals

Locally produced merchandise.
Choose from our range of options. We can even bring your own merch ideas to life!

Local supplier – Products can be personalised!

Potential Unit Cost – $6+

Minimum order quantity changes per

Average lead time 2 – 3 weeks from artwork approval.

Total spend when ordering local products must be $2000+